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Zakat is an obligatory contribution and a religious duty. It is used to ease the hardships of impoverished families and communities living in poverty. As the fortunate, it is the responsibility of those to share their blessings with those in need. Not only does it help reduce the struggles of the needy, but also helps cleanse the wealth of the one sharing it.

Donate Towards Zakah

Who Is Eligible To Give Zakat?

As one of the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is a compulsory obligation due on every blessed Muslim. More specifically, Zakat is due on every Muslim who is sound minded, in good health, able bodied, above the age of puberty, and blessed with the wealth that most underprivileged people lack.

When To Give Zakat?

Once your wealth surpasses the Nisab threshold, you are eligible to give Zakat. To put it simply, your wealth surpasses the Nisab threshold once it is held for a specific period of time known as ‘Hawl’. Hawl is the term used to describe a lunar year, which is the Islamic year lasting 354 days. The Nisab amount needs to be met and held for an entire Hawl (Islamic year) before you are eligible to make a Zakat payment.

Your Zakat Through Scot Aid

Through Scot Aid, your zakat contributions can help bring humanitarian aid to some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. As most of our charitable work is Zakat eligible, you can be rest assured that your religious dues are delivered to help the neediest. It is our duty to ensure that your Zakat is distributed in accordance with the Islamic principles to the eligible beneficiaries.

Your Zakat donations can make a huge impact. Moreover, your support can help provide food, water, medical aid, education, shelter, and deliver emergency aid to your brothers & sisters across the globe.