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Palestine Appeal

Palestine Appeal - Scot Aid

The people of Palestine have been facing numerous challenges for almost a decade. With poverty, food insecurity and economic instability, many families of people have faced difficulties no human should have to bear, including women, children, and even the elderly.

The country is already facing a severe shortage of food supplies, medical supplies, and clean water. Picking up what’s left of their homes, they are looking to you to send your support so they can rebuild their lives and live sufficiently.

The current conflict has caused a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with innocent civilians enduring immense suffering.

Families are displaced, and homes are destroyed, leaving vulnerable populations needing humanitarian aid.

Scot Aid’s commitment to humanity and compassion guides us as we work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of the disaster-stricken.

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Save and Protect the People of Palestine

These challenges have stripped them of their basic rights, massively impacting the lives of thousands of Palestinians, and forcing them to leave their country and build a life elsewhere. The largest number of Palestinian refugees (more than 2 million) live in Jordan in 10 refugee camps.

Life for refugees is full of hardship, and takes years to be stable. These refugees seek assistance to fight poverty and fulfil their basic needs to live sufficiently and feed their families.

Team Scot Aid has been reaching out to the Palestinian refugees in Jordan to provide aid and relief to those in need. Through your donations, we provide them with the resources to stand back up after years of facing devastation.

Please help Scot Aid save those desperate for help to have food on their tables and a roof over their heads.

Your Donations Make a Difference

Your Sadaqah and Zakat can make a huge difference for someone living a life of desperation in a refugee camp. By extending your support to Scot Aid, you help us provide food, clean water, medical aid and psychosocial support to Palestinian refugees.

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