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Fidyah and Kaffarah

Fidyah and Kaffarah - Scot Aid

Ramadan is a month of spiritual growth and reflection wherein Muslims should refrain from any vices. But whenever fasting isn’t possible for someone, they should pay Fidya or Kaffarah to make up for their missed fasts.

Each year, Scot Aid distributes your Fidyah and Kaffarah donations to feed those in need.

Donate Towards Fidya/Kafara

What is Fidyah?

Fidyah is the amount you donate if you miss your fasts due to ill health. Islam prioritises well-being over everything and exempts Muslims from fasting if they can’t fast due to valid reasons. 

Paying Fidyah becomes mandatory for Muslims to compensate for their missed fasts by feeding those living in poverty. It’s the amount you pay for each missed fast which equates to £5 per person.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah is the wealth you pay for deliberately missed or broken fasts in Ramadan. As opposed to Fidyah, Kaffarah is paid by:

  • Feeding 60 people
  • Freeing a Muslim from slavery
  • Fasting for 60 consecutive days

Qur’an emphasises the importance of paying Kaffarah:

“And he who finds not (the money for freeing a slave) must fast two successive months before they both touch each other. and he who is unable to do so, should feed sixty Miskins (poor). That is in order that you may have perfect Faith in Allah and His Messenger. These are the limits set by allah. And for disbelievers, there is a painful torment.” 

(Qur’an 58:4)

Your Fidyah and Kaffarah Can Feed Someone Living in Poverty

It is mandatory for Muslims to pay their religious dues and make up for their missed fasts so they can remain righteous in Allah S.W.T’s eyes. 

Scot Aid ensures that your donations for Fidyah and Kaffarah will serve the most vulnerable people and help them break their fasts.