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Education - Scot Aid

Over 600 million children worldwide are unable to read and write.

This includes the impoverished and displaced children from Syria, Palestine, and Yemen. They have been suffering at the hands of years-long conflicts that have traumatised their lives and hindered education.

If they don’t go to school, their living conditions may worsen and stop them from seeking a better future.

Donate Towards Education Programme

Widening Education Opportunities for the Displaced and Poverty Stricken

The humanitarian crisis in Syria, Palestine, and Yemen has displaced millions of families and children. Many of these children have been pushed to the brink of poverty and forced out of school due to a lack of support and insufficient living conditions. 

Scot Aid works to improve education and learning for the youth living in vulnerable communities. We understand the need for capacity building to create a learning and inclusive environment for impoverished youth that will encourage them to learn and grow. 

We aim to provide students and teachers with:

  • School supplies
  • Books
  • Access to internet
  • Training and skills, and
  • An inclusive and peaceful environment to learn and thrive

Your support is crucial to help us provide learning opportunities for children. 

Help Us Secure the Future of Children

Education is crucial in helping children break the cycle of poverty and secure a bright future. Scot Aid’s education programme provides displaced and refugee children with learning opportunities and essential education to enable growth and better lives. 

Every child deserves the right to education and learning, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of these children so they can create a better world. You have the power to change lives with your donations. 

Support the vital education of vulnerable children.