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Sadaqah is a voluntary selfless act that can be performed by anyone for the benefit of everyone. It’s a voluntary donation with the intention of helping others selflessly, which is then rewarded as protection from the unforeseen.

Donate Towards Sadaqah

Any voluntary donation can be Sadaqah, whether you give a hungry child something to eat or something as simple as providing a glass of water.  The donations you make with the intention of Sadaqah are delivered to the neediest, most vulnerable communities around the globe.

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)  stated in a hadîth collected by Imām Muslim

“Let not any of you belittle or look down upon a good deed, even if it be that you smile in the face of your brother.” 


Sadaqah Through Scot Aid

Through Scot Aid, your voluntary donations help vulnerable families of impoverished countries, as well as help refugees living in dire conditions. Your Sadaqah contributions can help support thousands of vulnerable families with monthly food supplies and provide necessary aid to those in need. 

Your generosity in giving Sadaqah will enable our teams to help reach out to at-risk families and children facing the challenges of poverty and displacement, ensuring communities have access to necessary aid to enable independent living.