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Life Giving Water

Life Giving Water

Even as a basic human right, clean water accessibility is scarce in many parts of the world. While most countries have adequate water, climate conditions force them to create reserves as water shortages become imminent.

Currently, over 2 billion people live in water-stressed countries, of which more than 700 million live in critically water-stressed countries. According to the Global Water Institute, if proper actions aren’t taken, over 700 million people will be forced to face displacement due to water scarcity.

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What Needs To Be Done

The most vulnerable are the dry regions and drought-prone countries, where families can’t even have a livelihood as their livestock dies without drinking water. Their children are malnourished due to lack of water security, and they constantly rely on humanitarian aid.

Countries like Yemen need water hand pumps and water wells to save as many lives as possible. Regions prone to drought need emergency water tanks to fulfil their water needs. All of this can be done with our collective efforts, so let’s join hands.

Scot Aid’s Mission: Life Giving Water

Scot Aid aims to send humanitarian aid to vulnerable families and children facing water scarcity. Through our resources and your generosity, we can help facilitate impoverished communities to rely on our installed water wells and hand pumps. 

Our collective efforts can enable them to get adequate food, livestock support, and agricultural advancement, afterall, water gives life. So be their hope in this time of need and donate to deliver humanitarian aid for the most vulnerable and needy families.