Projects - ScotAid



Scot Aid aims to send humanitarian aid to Syrian & Palestinian refugees living in miserable conditions. They need adequate shelters and proper tents to survive, and our collective efforts can play a significant part in that.

Emergency Response

Emergencies come without warning but responding to the urgent needs of affectees is crucial to saving lives. Scot Aid delivers vital aid to communities stuck in disasters who need urgent help to survive.

Health Care

Scot Aid’s healthcare programmes serve the most vulnerable communities worldwide to save them from emergencies and provide essential medical supplies. Scot Aid provides the most vulnerable people with healthcare supplies in times of need and helps build hospitals to accommodate affectees. We also distribute medical equipment to ensure that people have everything they need to save their health.


Scot Aid’s education programme provides displaced and refugee children with learning opportunities and essential education to enable growth and better lives.  Every child deserves the right to education and learning, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of these children so they can create a better world. You have the power to change lives with your donations. 

Child Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship Programme is our flagship project where Scot Aid supports hundreds of children including orphans and children with special needs.

Food Security

One of the main concerns for every family is to provide at least one meal at the end of the day. Unfortunately, some do not have that luxury. Many will sleep hungry and other may starve to death due to the lack of food in some areas. At Scot Aid, we aim to provide individuals and families with basic food provisions so nobody has to go hungry again.

Life Giving Water

Clean and drinkable water is something we take for granted here in Scotland, however the situation is utterly the opposite in the Middle East where the whole region has gone through severe water crisis for decades. People are suffering from displacement, poverty, lethal diseases and lack of life-giving water which is a basic human right.