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Food Security

Food Security

Can you imagine sending your child to sleep on an empty stomach?

Thousands of vulnerable communities worldwide are forced to sleep hungry at night. In Yemen alone, 17.4 million people face a hunger crisis, with a high level of acute malnutrition among children under five years of age.

Food poverty is also rampant in Gaza, Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon, where years of conflict have pushed its people towards extreme risk of hunger.

To reach these disadvantaged people, Scot Aid needs people like you to ensure food and nutrition for them and protect them from hunger.

Donate Towards Food Security

Here is How We Relieve Hunger

Providing daily meals and adequate nutrition to poverty-stricken children, women, and diseased people is fundamental to ensuring food security. Scot Aid delivers food and nutrition to the most vulnerable communities to save them from the effects of hunger and malnutrition.

Each food pack includes essential items like flour, rice, sugar, oil, and lentils to help families arrange daily meals. 

By donating food to impoverished people, you not only save them from starvation but also give them a chance to grow and thrive!

Join Hands with Scot Aid To Achieve Food Security

Lack of essential nutrition puts many vulnerable children at an immense risk of stress and hunger. Let’s put an end to chronic hunger and give them the food assistance they need.

Show your compassion by helping Scot Aid ensure food security for the devastated.

£60  can provide a family with a food pack to last a month.