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When a child is born, Aqiqah is performed by sacrificing a livestock animal and donating it to the impoverished and the hungry. It’s a Sunnah set as an example to follow the practice of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Usually, it is performed once a child turns a week old, but it can also be performed later on.

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The Importance of Aqiqah

When Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) grandsons were born, He (ﷺ) also performed Aqiqah to each of his two grandsons, Imam al-Hasan and Imam al-Husain. Not because it was needed, but because of the joy they brought, which encouraged Him (ﷺ) to donate to the needy.

As the fortunate, when Allah (S.W.T) gives us the blessing of children, it’s important to take our privilege into consideration, and share our blessings with the less fortunate.

Aisha (RA) narrated that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said

“And he who finds not (the money for freeing a slave) must fast two successive months before they both touch each other. and he who is unable to do so, should feed sixty Miskins (poor). That is in order that you may have perfect Faith in Allah and His Messenger. These are the limits set by allah. And for disbelievers, there is a painful torment.” 


Aqiqah Through Scot Aid

Through Scot Aid, your Aqiqah donations could provide a family with a meal that they cannot afford, rewarding you with the benefits of Sadaqah. Aqiqah donations are also the chance to share in the celebration of new life. The reward of this beloved Sunnah benefits many, so be generous.