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Eid Gifts

Eid Gifts - Scot Aid

Eid is a time to experience joy and share it with others. It is a chance to multiply your good deeds by bringing happiness to other Muslims and supporting those in need. The Prophet (ﷺ) used to distribute gifts among the needy and promoted this beautiful concept among the Muslim Ummah so that everyone could experience the joy and warmth of Eid.

Donate Towards Eid Gift

Give Eid Gifts to Children and Bring Smiles

Sadly, families stuck in poverty and despair cannot celebrate Eid the same way and look up to people like you to bring smiles to their faces. Each year, Scot Aid collects your donations to distribute gifts among the impoverished, especially children, to make their Eid special. 

Your donations help us distribute clothes, sweets, and toys to those who have never received an Eid gift before! Continue the legacy of our beloved Prophet and be generous to your vulnerable brothers and sisters.

Spread Joy on Eid By Donating a Gift

Giving gifts and Zakat-ul-Fitr is an obligatory charity at the end of Ramadan and should be given to needy Muslims. While we celebrate the fruits of our devotion and obedience to Allah S.W.T after the month of Ramadan, let’s not forget those afflicted with poverty, disease, and other misfortunes.  

By sharing gifts on the sacred occasion of Eid, you bring happiness and hope to the needy and make this occasion joyous for them.

Spread Compassion with an Eid Gift