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Gaza Appeal

Gaza Appeal

As an impoverished country, the people of Gaza constantly face numerous challenges. From being at the mercy of climate disasters, to being victims of poverty and economic instability. Most of them have been displaced from their own homes, and are living in IDP camps, while some have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.

As of now, over 2.1 million people in Palestine are in need of humanitarian assistance, of which 900,000 are children. Depending on outside aid, they lack basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and healthcare.

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What Needs To Be Done

Over the years, most families have lost their homes and are living in displacement camps with no electricity, no water, no food source, and no clothes. They are forced to live in torn shelters that cannot keep up with cold nights, leaving them prone to illness.

Their only hope is the generosity of their brothers and sisters such as you. Your kindness could be delivered to them in a box full of food supplies that can last a month. So don’t wait, as they need your help today.

Be Their Hope In This Time Of Need

With your generosity, Scot Aid aims to send humanitarian aid to our brothers and sisters in Gaza, enabling them to live a life of dignity and respect. Our collective efforts can help provide food, water, clothing, and adequate shelter to displaced families and help them survive.

Our mission is to see their betterment, and enable children in Gaza to get back to school and prosper, which is where your kindness will enable us to do so. So be a lifeline for the people of Gaza and donate to deliver humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable and needy. Donate now & save lives.