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Voulunteer with us

Join As A Volunteer

Scot Aid welcomes you with open arms to volunteer with us for relief work. Volunteering is an enriching act that provides critical help to others in a selfless way and makes a difference in their lives. In addition, volunteering can also offer an excellent opportunity to gain confidence, new skills and worthwhile experience.


You can also support us through fundraisers. These supplemental funds can enhance and motivate our efforts to give back to the community. Besides financial assistance, there are plenty of other benefits, such as increased recognition for charity, team building, and the joy of serving a bigger purpose.

Raise Awareness About Scot Aid

Another effective way to volunteer for us is to raise awareness about our charity and work. It can range from promoting Scot Aid and our message, and educating, encouraging and engaging individuals through social media or other channels.

Help Us Serve Humanity!