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Palestinian Refugees Emergency Appeal

Palestinian Refugees Emergency Appeal

A catastrophe has struck in the Ein Elhilweh refugee camp in Lebanon. Thousands of Palestinian refugees have been displaced; many need food, shelter, and medical care. In the face of such crises, Palestinian refugees are enduring unimaginable hardships. Families have been forced to flee their homes, leaving behind everything they once knew.

Donate Towards Palestinian Refugees Emergency Appeal

The Humanitarian Crisis

Thousands of innocent civilians were compelled to flee their homes, either damaged or destroyed. This calamity has inflicted widespread damage on the camp’s infrastructure, worsening the suffering of Palestinian refugees.
Many displaced individuals are seeking refuge with relatives and friends, sharing whatever little they have left. Others are forced to reside in overcrowded temporary shelters, where conditions are dire and hope is in short supply.

Show Compassion And Generosity Amid Chaos

The displaced Palestinian refugees need your help. Your support can make a life-saving difference to those who have lost everything. The time to send emergency aid is now!
Every pound you donate will directly provide critical aid to those in need. Regardless of size, your contribution can help comfort and relieve Palestinian refugees who have lost everything.

Your Help Is Urgently Needed

Stand firmly with Scot Aid in delivering vital aid and rekindling hope for those displaced by unforgiving conflict. Make your heartfelt donation today and be an integral part of the solution. Your generosity is their lifeline!

Thank you for your support.